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 Callin clan [Strong]

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[size=15200 Tokens[/size]

Callin clan [Strong] Medium

History and Information
The Callin clan are the original Immortals, before all of the shortcuts and Jutsu, they were the first born with the power naturally, to never die of age, and to rarely ever die in battle. They were known, not for there combat powers, but for their medical abilities, and their own advanced seemingly impossible physical abilities and powers, able to regrow limbs, bodyparts, and basically anything but the brain can be regrown. They were the original healers that helped to Found Sunagakure, they did not fight, however they were what kept it alive from cosntant bandit attacks, missing Shinobi, and other evils that wanted nothing more then to tear the village apart before it rose to power. They were the healers, diplomats, council, and wisodm of the village, for their great age and knowledge they had been blessed with constantly they were seeked out for advice and help.

Their medical book resides within Sunagakure, treasured and defended with even more then any treasury or sacred place, for it holds over two hundred years of rare medical secrets, jutsu ad medicines from time along past that no one but Sunagkaure currently holds, the Medical book of the callin clan. Th callin are distant relatives of the Uzumaki, holding similar traits but after hundreds of years living in the deserts of Wind Country, they have been changed. They keep their dark red hair, but now instead hold dark tanned skin instead of the normal pale Uzumaki tone, as well as having lost their blue eyes, having long since been sun scorched they now tend to have silver or pink eyes, and have developed minor animistic traits with their bodies changes such as slightly enlarged canines and slightly pointed ears.


Bodies of the Immortal
With cells that return to the Embryotic stage in their developement whenever they are injured, just like normal amphibians the Callin are able to regrow any form of injury, or limb, or even organ loss. Making them utterly immune to all forms of poison, disease, and injuries practically. They are the envy of the Kaguya clan, for they were, until recently the only clan known to posses regeneration, but their own is sloppy and weak compare to that of the Callin, whom hold is as their pride and joy.

Universal: +2 DR vs HP/CP Dmg
Academy Student: +3 HP Regen, +5 Total HP/CP
Genin: +4 HP Regen, +10 Total HP/CP
Chunin: +5 HP Regen, +15 Total HP/CP
Jounin: +6 HP Regen, +20 Total HP/CP


Untamed Knowledge
The Clan is truly the peak of Immortal, physically unable to die of age they are able to rapidly learn from the mistakes of hundreds of past generations by listening to advice and stories of their families. Thanks to this the Callins knowledge, skillset as well as their own Chakra abilities are far beyond normal. Through the use of this incredible living library of knowledge, there has come the epitome of mastery, the Callin have learned how to manipulate their bodies so that inside their own hearts are five chambers, on top of their heart itself, thanks to this they are able to in essence 'grow' more natural chakra affinities beyond any other then the long past Senju Clan now extinct with ancestors dotting the world.

Universal: Starts with Medical Affinity, +4 to Learning Rolls
Academy Student: +20 Lore/Heal Rolls, +1 Element Chosen
Genin: +30 Lore/Heal Rolls, +1 Element Chosen
Chunin: +40 Lore/Heal Rolls, +1 Element Chosen
Jounin: +50 Lore/Heal Rolls, +2 Elements Chosen


The Callin clan have no specific Clan Jutsu they are taught, instead they develope their own medical genius and Jutsu, that fit their unique fighting signatures. All Callin are able to send in 2 Custom Regenerative and Medical Jutsu of E/D/C/B/A/S Rank Jutsu.


Expert Battle Medic
(100 Tokens, Legendary Bloodline)
Those of the Clan that have gone through the Battle Medic Training are the few of the clan that have actually gained true combat teaching, as well as expert Medical Training, allowing them to be masters of both while in combat to assist in the form and training of Ninjutsu as well as Taijutsu and combat abilities.

Universal: +1d4+1 to Medical Jutsu Healing
Academy Student: +0 Attack/Defense Rolls, +1 to Taijutsu Damage
Genin: +1 Attack/Defense Rolls, +1d4 to Damage Rolls
Chunin: +2 Attack/Defense Rolls, +1d4+2 to Damage Rolls
Jounin: +3 Attack/Defense Rolls, +2d4 to Damage Rolls
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Callin clan [Strong]

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