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 Ankoku Shuzo - Sealing Prodigy

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PostSubject: Ankoku Shuzo - Sealing Prodigy   Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:20 am

§ Character Sheet §

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[table border = "1"] Ankoku Shuzo
Ankoku Shuzo
Ankoku mean “Dark” alluding to the clan's secretive nature and proclivity for Inton techniques. Shuzo simply means “Third Son” and is accurate for Shuzo's place.
“Serious Face”, “Number One Theoretical Ninja”
Ankoku Clan, Kumogakure Academy
Ankoku Akichi(Father) (44)
Ankoku Chiyeko(Mother)(42)
Ankoku Akio (Brother)(19)
Takahashi Hiroko (Sister)(22)
Single (He's 12 and also painfully serious.)
Refined Speech, Studying to improve his skill, Fruit-Flavored Tea
Slang, people who endanger alllies with carelessness, spicy food
[ ] Master and invent Fuuinjutsu worthy of the Ankoku clan.
[ ] Live up to his older brother's success.
[ ] Never “abandon” the family like his older sister.
[ ] Keep his fellow Kumogakure Shinobi safe on missions.
Like most children of the Ankoku clan (particularly those who become shinobi), Shuzo is serious, studious and restrained. He is meticulous and careful when it comes to tackling problems, he prefers a certain victory and will tend towards plans that place his foes into hopeless positions.
Serious, Restrained, Calculating.
[This section filled out later.]

§ Shinobi Sheet §


[table border = "1"]
Kunai, Tags
Sealing Jutsu/Genjutsu

§ Appearance Sheet §


[table border = "1"]
Five feet even.
Icy Blue (Junou no Mi causes the right eye's Sclera to go black and the iris to glow brightly)
Short, Blue
Pale bookworm's skin
Slight, frail looking
Wears glasses until he activates his Junou no Mi

§ Biography Sheet §


[table border = "1"]
.:: Clan / Bloodline / Special History ::.

If the full extent of the Ankoku clan's contributions to Kumogakure were to be made clear to other Hidden Villages they would bear special mission in almost any Bingo Book. Despite its small size and lack of political strength the Ankoku occupy a favored position in the village due to their usefulness. The Cloud-nin have enjoyed the assurance that any dangerous or forbidden threat can be locked away or an enemy's seal undone safely if they can get the thing in question to the village.
Clan members are put through advanced lessons in linguistics and Fuuinjutsu theory from a young age; children of the clan that thrive under this intense program are trusted with the clan's Joubun Me. Those children that cannot pass the clan's standards are refused the right to enter the Genin Academy by the clan and often end working in archives or libraries if they do not drift away from the clan to join the civilian population.
.:: PAST ::.

Shuzo is the youngest of three children in his branch of his small (if privelaged) clan. Several years into the customary training his older brother began an ascent to Special Jounin and a series of important missions were pulled off by his squad. In the light of his brother's success and the shadow of his eldest sibling's shameful decision to refuse to continue the traditional trading, there was an immense pressure on the young Shuzo to meet the standards to which prospective Ankoku shinobi are held. He would remember looking forward to the day he passed thinking it certainly could be no harder once he had been found strong enough to be part of the family legacy.
The conversation between him and his older brother days after he had passed (eye still bandaged as he recovered from the procedure to obtain the Junou no Mi) was the longest conversation he had ever had with a family member without the study of Fuuinjutsu being the focus. His brother spoke to him almost as an equal. Akio warned him about other clans being less focused than the Ankoku. He let Shuzo ask him about his missions, confiding that Shuzo would need to deny being told some of the details. It was the first time Shuzo had felt at ease with anyone in his family.
Later that year he would enter the Academy.
.:: ACADEMY ::.

.:: GENIN ::.

.:: CHUNIN ::.

.:: JOUNIN ::.

§ Battle Sheet §


[table border = "1"]




[1]---/ [2]--- / [3] ---

[This space bookmarked for future additions]


.:: Wins ::.
[ 0 ]

.:: Losses ::.
[ 0 ]

.:: Ties ::.
[ 0 ]

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PostSubject: Re: Ankoku Shuzo - Sealing Prodigy   Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:21 am

Known Jutsu:
Ankoku Clan:
Explosive Seal
Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu
Rank: Rankless
Eff-See Ankoku Clan

Poches Profundes (Deep Pockets)
Type: Fuinjutsu
Rank: E
Cost: 2
An Ankoku Specialized item seal. The seal can be applied to virtually any surface and absorb items of immense size.
PVP: Can be used to block thrown tool attacks.

Yami No Marquer: Lumiere Declinante (Mark of Darkness: Fading Light)
Type: Fuinjutsu
Rank: E
Cost: 2
The user places several seals on nearby objects that draw light into themselves. The dimming light makes it difficult to see.
PVP: -5 to spot rolls for 1d4+1 rounds for everyone in the fight.

Yami no Marquer: Croissante Tenebres (Mark of Darkness: Growing Darkness)
Type: Fuinjutsu
Rank: D
Cost: 3
The seals from Lumiere Declinante are increased in intensity, devouring the light in the area greedily.
PVP: -10 to spot for 1d4+1 rounds
Special: This jutsu must be used while Lumiere Declinante is still in effect, remaining rounds of Lumiere Declinante are pressed into the duration of Croissante Tenebres. This ends the previous jutsu's effects.

Yami no Marque: Enchevetrement (Mark of Darkness: Embarassment)
Type: Fuinjutsu
Rank: D
Cost: 3
A combination of Medical and Sealing Knowledge allows the user to cause a disorienting synesthesia to occur for the victim. Smells are translated into light and color, sights into sounds and sounds into tactile sensations.
PVP: Stun for 1d4 rounds, damage breaks.

Yami no Marquer: Noir Infini (Mark of Darkness: Infinite Night
Type: Fuinjutsu
Rank: C
Cost: 6, 4 Maintain
The light destroying seals reach their final stage, true darkness falling over the affected area. From outside of the area the jutsu appears as a bubble of pure blackness, leaving the events within a complete mystery.
PVP: Those inside the field suffer a -30 to spot rolls. Attempting to leave the Jutsu's area (without a form of chakra sight) constitutes an escape roll at -15. Those attempting to see from outside find it utterly impossible. Those with chakra sight looking in can make out the number of chakra sources inside but nothing else.
Special: This jutsu must be used while the area is affected by Croissante Tenebres, ending the effects of that jutsu and replacing them with its own.

Paisible No Endroit (Place of Tranquility)
Type: Fuinjutsu
Rank: C
Cost: 6
Absorbs the Chakra from a Ninjutsu into the seal, returning a portion of it to you.
PVP: Clears one “ambient” jutsu effect on the area. Can be used to block Ninjutsu/Chakra based projectiles at +1 to the roll as a defensive action.
If successful you gain 2 Chakra (No more than what you paid for the jutsu plus one).
e.g.: A kiri-nin has used their signature mist technique, the user of this jutsu can absorb the chakra from the jutsu causing the mist to dissipate and gain 1d4+1 chakra back on the jutsu.

Hidden Seal
Jutsu Type: Fuuinjutsu
Rank: Rankless
Chakra Cost: 6


Dark Substitution

Mind's Eye Inhibitor

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PostSubject: Re: Ankoku Shuzo - Sealing Prodigy   Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:21 am

Masterful Fuuinjutsu
Universal: May Learn Fuuinjutsu Normally as Long as they Have the Rank Required to Learn the Rank of Fuuinjutsu.
Chuunin: +2 to Sealing/Wisdom Rolls, +15 Total CP

Descendants of the Hateshinai
Universal: Gains +10 to Learning all Fuuinjutsu, +1 to all Fuuinjutsu Durations
Chuunin: -3 to Fuuinjutsu CP Costs (Min 1), May Counter a Fuuinjutsu/Ninjutsu with another Fuuinjutsu as a Free Action, With an Extra +3 to Roll (Stacking to Max Jutsu Bonus not Passive)

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PostSubject: Re: Ankoku Shuzo - Sealing Prodigy   Thu Sep 13, 2012 1:21 am


Purchases: Ankoku Clan 100(-10% Creator Discount) DM-Kankuro
Eye Upgrade 100(-10% Creator Discount)-DM-Deidara
Wisdom to 26 base DM-Minato

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PostSubject: Re: Ankoku Shuzo - Sealing Prodigy   

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Ankoku Shuzo - Sealing Prodigy

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