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 Report to the Raikage

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DM Deidara

DM Deidara

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PostSubject: Report to the Raikage   Report to the Raikage Icon_minitimeThu Oct 04, 2012 9:17 pm

To: "A"
From: Hayaku Hisashi (Chuunin)
Subject: Apprehension of the Ex-First Swordsman of the Mist


The missing-nin that was apprehended walked into the front gate of Kumogakure, and was interrogating random village members. He stumbled across Yotsuki Tsuro-dono (a noble of the Yotsuki house, though I'm sure you knew this) and attempted to inject them with a syringe of sorts. Using my Forced Substitution Jutsu, I was injected instead. The syringe contained a potent mixture of chakra and some liquid that dulled my senses and acted like a truth serum. He interrogated me about jinchuuriki within the village. Thankfully, I do not know of any jinchuuriki and it is likely best that remain the same. Afterwards, ANBU, along with Yuurei, Shirataki Dan, myself and current First Swordsman of the Mist Akira Akimoto apprehended him.

If he was looking for information, why attack the village directly? Jounin are dispatched on missions often and he could easily have ambushed a mission squad. Yet he walked into the enemy territory-the heart of it, no less, risking his life when he didn't need to? This doesn't make sense to me. He can't be this stupid if he can perform medical techniques like the one he used on me. He has to have some sort of plan, A-sama. I beg you to consider what it might be as you decide his fate.

-Hayaku Hisashi, chuunin.

P.S. Your niece was rescued without a hitch, or being hurt. All the offenders were slain.
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[Retired] Madara

[Retired] Madara

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PostSubject: Re: Report to the Raikage   Report to the Raikage Icon_minitimeThu Nov 01, 2012 8:37 pm

// Just going to use this as the official reports to raikage section. //

This letter is completely confidential and the only two who know about it are the Raikage and Kurai himself. Any metagaming will be completely and entirely ignored.

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Report to the Raikage

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