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 Isi Kurosawa - Rock Hard.

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Isi Kurosawa - Rock Hard. Empty
PostSubject: Isi Kurosawa - Rock Hard.   Isi Kurosawa - Rock Hard. Icon_minitimeFri Oct 12, 2012 3:07 pm

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First Name
Last Name
... The Rock-Hard Ninja.
July 19th
Konohagakure no Sato
Taijutsu, strength, Taijutsuists, powergouses.
Weak students, Kenjutsuists, Katon-Wielders.
Personality -
is a generally carefree person, some call him inspiring, some call him a
hippy, some call him a man in his prime, but to Isi these are all the
same, he goes on with his life without stop or fault, without anyone or
anything in his way, or if it is... He tries to punch it down.

Ninja Informtaion

Elements - Suiton, Doton, Raiton, Fuuton
Main Focus - Taijutsu
Sensei - N/A
Squad - N/A
Specialty - Suiton, Doton
Rank - Jounin

*Physical Appearance *

Weight Class
212.3 LBs.
Hair Color
Hair Style

Eye Color
A nice reddish color.

Skin Tone

... Kittens. Cute. Kittens.

* Background*

July 19th, Isi Kurosawa was born into the clan Kurosawa, he has shown
higher affinity for Doton and Taijutsu than Suiton, though his Suiton
isn't anything to scoff at either, this child will become a strong
Taijutsuist, maybe even one of the strongest there is. I have high hopes
for Isi, the Rock. The next years passed without and sort of hitches,
Isi Kurosawa lived the life of a normal Kurosawa clan-child, he was
trained in his proficiencies, Taijutsu, Doton, and Suiton, though the
teachers were very surprised by his affinity for the first two. He was
an amazing Taijutsuist, and an equal Doton-User, his Suiton was slightly
weaker, but still strong. He made quick work of, and which shown
greatly in his training, then he joined the Konohagakure academy
programme. He graduated in one of the tops of his class, and was
assigned to Squad 4.

His Genin life was just
beginning, as he was sent out on your normal mission, he was set. He
donned his training weights and his pack, happily grinning as they were
to soon set out. There were no obvious signs, but his first Team mission
would be the last with these very people, he had not become close, they
were only acquaintances, but they treated him like family. He supposed
that's what a squad should've been like, his whole life was training,
there was little time for family matter. Every day was wake up: train.
Lunch. Train. Dinner. Train. The Academy programme was different, people
made friends, but Isi kept to himself. In this squad, it was completely
different though, they accepted him, maybe even loved him. Love was an
odd term, though through his travels he became accustomed to this love.
Though, the mission started out fine, it was a general scout an enemy
camp mission, nothing too harmful, but there were always extremes. As
they came upon the camp, there was an identified S+-Ranked Ninja
Mercenary at the very camp. A smile crept upon the sick bastard's face
as he knew exactly what was going on. His exact words were: "Excuse me a
moment." The Squad leader told us to move. We did as he told us, though
that wasn't enough. Isi looked back to the Jounin and in the
split-second he looked back, the Jounin exploded into blood, gore, and
through the deep shower of red shot through the Ninja, grinning like a
horny madman after some sort of catch. Isi felt that he was going to
die, so young to be torn asunder by this, though his comrades stopped.
The told Isi: "Go! We'll stop him just long enough to give you time! Go,
Isi Kurosawa! Let our sacrifice live on in you! The Kurosawa clan must
continue!" The boy, Isi Kurosawa was speechless, but he gulped and shot
off, only to hear the two roars of the noble, just-graduated Genin, as
their spine-shivering screams echoed throughout the forest and stopped
dead. There was silence. Complete. Silence. Then, Isi was on the forest
floor, the Serial Killer looking down at the small Genin, though... Isi
Kurosawa had the will. The very will that lived on deeply in the
Kurosawa clan for ages. The will that let him go on without failure, the
will to live, fight, and strive. In the Ninja's carelessness, Isi shot
up, his fist encased in sharp rocks, and it shot up into his chin,
crushing his jaw, teeth, tongue, and general mouth. The rocks fell off
as the Ninja reeled back, disoriented, and Isi threw down a smoke bomb
and shot off once more, the village of Konohagakure near. The patter of
his feet was then accompanied by the bustling Konoha city. He ran, ran,
ran, until he fell infront of the office of the Hokage. The Hokage
picked the child Kurosawa up and looked him over. "You... You're
supposed to be on a mission, ne?" The Hokage said quizzically. Isi then
felt what it was to have friends, and have deep family love. He began to
cry. Burst into a huge fit of tears, before he stopped, only to mutter:
"They're dead."

He was swiftly assigned to a
new squad, and from this position he did what he was told without fault,
no hitches, everything went just fine, though something didn't feel so
right, it was never the same since his original squad died. They felt
like a close family, and their legacy lived on in Isi, as he went along
with his life he always thought back, and asked himself: "What if I was
stronger? What if I could change what happened all those years ago?.."
This made his training more and more strenuous, until he near-perfected
his craft, though his exams, through all the trials. His Chuunin exams
were... What you would expect, he was paired with his small squad, and
went along, until he fought his 1-on-1 opponent, this person used
Genjutsu, the person he fought made him relive his past, over and over,
unable to witness, unable to think; like he was a puppet. That, is when
he snapped. His rage began to rise and he removed his weights as he shot
towards the girl who forced him, he was powerless under his
rock-covered fists as each hit relieved the pain he felt. Slam. Slam.
Slam. Slam. Slam. The instructors only sat and watched... As he beat
another Konohagakure Ninja to death. She laid, bleeding out, dead. The
Genjutsu she used broke his calm demeanor, it made him snap, then snap
her. She was a pulp under his fists, her face was smashed into a
contorted smile, like she was laughing at his anger, though... He sat
and watched, as she slowly coughed, blood getting on his chest as he
realized what he had just commit: Murder.

was then assigned the Jacket and the title of Chuunin. His life went on
as expected normally for the first bit, and he continued his life, the
blood of the near-forced murder on Isi Kurosawa's hands, everyone made
little meaning of this as it was normal for the opponent to die or be
mortally wounded, but Isi had killed another, so young, he killed
another. He then watched the city from the window, the different people,
and fell asleep, each night it was the same routine, aside from the
long mission nights. He was then assigned to the Chuunin exam watch,
which he did without any problems. For one stage in his life, there was
finally nothing going wrong. He stayed a Konohagakure Chuunin for many
years, until he was approached by the Hokage, as said Hokage spoke to
him: "Isi Kurosawa... You have been through many a personal hardship,
fellow Shinobi blood is on your hands, but you disgressed. I wish you to
become a Jounin for Konohagakure no Sato. Do you accept?" Isi Kurosawa
looked down to the Hokage, and nodded slowly. "I accept this offer, my
Hokage. I shall not let you down, whatever has happened in my life
before will be rewritten. I will be remembered, Isi Kurosawa, as the
Strong-Willed, Rock-Hard Jounin!"
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Isi Kurosawa - Rock Hard.

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