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 A letter to the Mizukage and Jounin council

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PostSubject: A letter to the Mizukage and Jounin council   Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:10 am

( Please move this if it's not the right spot but wasn't sure where it would go...)

-Written in neat cursive script. A letter would be place on the secretary's desk with the Dragon seal stamped on it.-

Dear Miss Mizukage and the Jounin Council.

I, Nada Bei'fong kindly request a squad transfer from the leadership of Akira Akimoto to Kaira Shi'gawa. I honestly feel that I will not learn the skills I need to learn while in the current team that I am placed with. I apologize if this comes to you as an inconvience but Miss Shi'gawa is a professional Medical who's skills I wish to learn from and hopefully branch off to create new ones to better the village as a whole.

I again apologize if this would seem as a bother but I do wish to learn from someone who actually has knowledge of the craft that I wish to take. Thank you for your time.

Nada Bei'fong
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A letter to the Mizukage and Jounin council

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