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 Into the Nightmare: Powerless

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Into the Nightmare: Powerless Empty
PostSubject: Into the Nightmare: Powerless   Into the Nightmare: Powerless Icon_minitimeThu Nov 15, 2012 1:23 am

This felt familiar, too familiar. There he was standing in his home of Sunagakure, yet no one was around. In a compund that was hustling and bustling not a sound could be heard. As sweat dropped from his sking he ran. Quickly he rushed out to the entrance of Sunagakure. There he would see it. He would see the carnage, the blood, and the reckage. Those Eiyuu loved and cared for dead. Even people he barely met but considered friends or betters all gone. Lifeless on the desert floor before him. All for his eyes to see. Before him stood the only ones left. A shadowed figure with a line through his Sunagakure headband. The man's figure was too common, and his face could never be seen no matter how close he got to him. Then there was the one who started his whole path and lifestyle, the Kazekage herself. She stood there lifeless. The unknown missing nin of Sunagakure had already won. Her body dropped lifelessly before him. She looked up to him and reached out to her only remaining subject. Words meant to be heard as she seemed to speak, but those words would fall on deaf ears. Eiyuu could feel it. The tears in his eyes, the clenched fists so tight he began to bleed. He would fall to his hands and knees the figure speaking, but the words would only be shown to his subconcious, a message his ears would never hear. Standing and becoming defiant his hands prepared a forbidden ninjutsu of his family. Tiger, Hare, Bird, Ox, Serpent, Dragon.

"Forbidden Technique: Kamen Kin Karada!" The words would flow from his mouth. The power that he felt would be overwhelming, and yet the same power he couldn't control would cost him. Eiyuu would blindly charge at the unknown missing nin. Every strike he would attempt made no connection. He couldn't understand it. This technique approached Gate 1 like qualities with a chakra boost. So, how? How could it be that a technique forbidden by his family couldn't help him save the ones he loved and cared for. Why was this all happening to him. These thoughts began to drag him down, and with that it would be over. The unknown missing nin showed no signs of weakness, no signs of fatigue. It was like he would be at his peak if they were to fight for year straight. Playtime was over for him. He showed no remorse appearing behind Eiyuu and impaling him through the back into the heart with his blade. Eiyuu stood held up by the sword in shock. Feeling , weak and beyond that utterly powerless. Falling to the ground he struggled to breathe. With his very last breath and the unknown missing nin gone from sight, he awoke. Drenched in his sweat and the only wounds that hellish nightmare that were real were the bleeding hands from his clenched fists.

"Two days." He spoke bleakly looking to the outside through his open window. He stood and opened the door to the back porch from his room with tears falling from his eyes. "Why? Why am I seeing such things?" He asked burying his bleeding hands into his hair. From afar his father watched with heartfelt eyes. Yet no words were spoken. Not for the rest of the night. Everyone had problems and for some reason Eiyuu's problems were the things he used to enjoy most, his dreams.
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Into the Nightmare: Powerless

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