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 The Mizukage

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Kari Ura
The First Mizukage
"Aquarius, the Blizzard"

The Mizukage __Frost_Elf_D_v_2___by_EnD_Reitanna

Basic Information

Name: Kari Ura
Age: 22
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 116 lbs
Hair: Midnight Black
Skin: Ice Blue
Build: Thin, Athletic
Eyes: Bright Aquamarine
Notable Traits : The air around her is always cold, and she usually carries several swords, all marked with the kirigakure symbol. Her voice is calm, but very serious.

Shinobi Information:

Rank: Mizukage
Bingo Book Rank: S+ Rank
Threat Level: 10/10
Specialty: Ninjutsu, Kenjutsu
Elements: Water/Wind/Darkness/Ice Age
Clan: Ura
Bloodline: Koriton Release
Unique Abilities: Casting Ninjutsu with weapons
Known Items/Weapons: Kazekiri Blade, Heart of the Ice

Biographic Information:

- Later Date

Known Jutsu:

- Later Date

Custom Weapon/Items:

Name: Kazekiri Blade
Cost: N/A, NPC Weapon
Description: A blade easily called to Kari through summoning techniques, formed by cold flames. The blade shimmers a bright silver, and is the most noticeable blade on Kari's body. When released from its sheathe, it quickly releases a blast of air, propelling it forwards for a more devastating effect. Because of the type of chakra imbued with it, it also allows her to cast ninjutsu directly from a slash of her blade.
PvP Effect: +1d8 damage, Pierces 3 DR. May cast ninjutsu with no handseals.

Name: Heart of the Ice
Cost: N/A, NPC Item
Description: A stone that Kari found, capable of storing much of the user's chakra, and then amplifying it. Once filled with chakra, it almost creates its own chakra system, and will regenerate the chakra if lost. By sending some of its chakra into the user's to aid it, all techniques of the chakra type become stronger.
PvP Effect: Has 20 CP. May spend additional 5 CP with any Water/Wind/Dark/Ice Age technique and cause it to deal x1.5 critical damage. (Must be announced with the technique. Used this way, it cannot crit.)
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The Mizukage

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