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 The Raikage

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Fazo Yotsuki
The First Raikage

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Basic Information

Name: Fazo Yotsuki
Age: 32
Height: 6'1''
Weight 178 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Pale
Build: Lean, Well Built
Eyes: Sky Blue
Notable Traits: Has a tattoo of a raging thunderstorm on his back, the lightning falling down to form into the symbol of Kumogakure surrounded by the designs of rocks with droplets of blood on them.

Shinobi Information:

Rank: Raikage
Bingo Book Rank: S+ Rank
Threat Level: 10/10
Specialty: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu
Elements: Lightning. Light, Wind
Clan: Yotsuki
Bloodline: Lightning Cell Armor
Unique Abilities: Nintaijutsu Master
Known Items/Weapons: Bracers of the Yotsuki

Biographic Information:

- Later Date

Known Jutsu:

- Later Date

Custom Weapon/Items:

Name: Bracers of the Yotsuki
Cost: N/A, NPC Weapon
Description: The war bracers of the Yotsuki clan, these are the bracers of bright gold worn by the current family head around the forearms, they take the image of bright golden armbands that seem to do nothing. However if one can sense or see chakra, then it is visible to see just what level and form of chakra wrapped around these gauntlets, the bracers stored the chakra and during battle released it into two massive invisible armored blade gloves of pure chakra around the Yotsukis arms and body, this caused all their Taijtusu attacks to be of insane levels of destructive power and ability while in combat.
PvP Effect: All Taijutsu Attacks Peirce 3 DR, 19-20 Crit Range on Taijutsu. All Taijutsu attacks gain +1d8 Damage, and Deal Large Weapon Damage with no Penalties.

Name: Yotsuki Amulet
Cost: N/A, NPC Item
Description: The amulet is passed through the family line of Yotsuki from generation to gneration, Fazo, now the head of the clan has gained this time in his new passing as the first Raikage. Now a power beyond any other this amulet allows the Yotsuki to channel their Raiton abilities to an absolute maximum degree, allowing them to become virtually indestructible with power and abilities, as well as channel and control this chakra to a perfect amount and level while in combat allowing minimum chakra usage and extra chakra to be stored within the amulets stone itself.
PvP Effect: +10 Total CP, -3 to CP Costs, -1 to CP Maintenance Costs, +1d8 Damage to Raiton Jutsu
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The Raikage

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