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 Takahashi Saito

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PostSubject: Takahashi Saito   Takahashi Saito Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2012 8:17 pm

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Name: Takahashi Saito
Age: 20's
D.O.B: May 19
Zodiac: Dragon
blood type: O+
Spouse: N/a
Parents: None Orphaned
Rank: Advance Chuunin of Kumogakure
Specialization: Taijutsu, Genjutsu
Element: Raiton, Inton
S: N/A
A: N/A
B: N/A
C: N/A
D: 1
E: N/A
Height: 5'10
Weight: 170
Build: Athletic lean
Eye color: Hazel
Hair Color Black, White tips in places.
Likes: Girls who are them selves, Stiff drinks, Manga, Steamed pork buns.
Dislikes: Overly arrogant people, overly cool people, injustice, Those who can't be them selves.

==========================================Back story==========================================================
---------------------------------------------------------------Academy days---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
From the day he entered the academy, he was a slacker. he didn't believe in his own potential, or his own actual abilities. he slacked off,
got into trouble and god poor grades on purpose. part of his abilities was that he always tried to escape school authority. Plenty of times
he received school detention from Hayaku, and the other teachers. Day in and out he spent his time in detention and remedial courses. eventually
it sank in that if he really wanted to stop dealing with the system was to graduate. even with his problem with authority.
-------------------------------------------------------------------Academy days 2-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
One day, he decided to push his luck with escapeing the authority. monthins before he had bought a pair of rollar blades, and had practiced day in,
and day out. He toiled more then he thought he could. with training he was able to make him self faster with the rollar blades physically. but after time.
he figure out that he could use chakra tto make him self faster. he started to speed away from the average hall monitor, and began to give the teachers a run.
but he'd always get run down by the teachers. after a year he managed to figure out that he could modify his skates, with various chakra sensitive parts. one day he pushed to hard and launched him self way over the school wall, father then chakra leaping and or chakra jumping could take him. he went way over the academy and into the chasm nearby. even to him he thought he was a dead man. midway to the floor his rollar blade's wheels slamed into the chasm wall and his body automaticly put chakra into the blades similar to water and wall walking and with a burst of chakra he sent him self propelled upwards into the sky. when he finally escaped the chasm and landed he passed out at the door of the academy, saddly he still got detention from hayaku, who had heard of his insolance. on his graduation he let slip that he was more then what he lead on scoreing fairly high on the test. Will he stop being a slacker and put fourth all his effort?, only time will tell.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------After academy days-------------------------------------------------------------------------
It was morning, and cold. The dew on the streets made the stone a bit slick. the light breeze made it feel colder then it was really. Saito looked at the gate as he walked through it, the massive doors always impressed him. he counted each tori he went under before the platform. he smiled as he reached his destination in the woods. "Time for some good old fashioned conditioning." He said to him self with a snicker. Left then right, with his fists and his shins into the tree. the pain coursed through his body. The cold air stung the fresh wounds. he winced but kept on. after four hours of pain induced training, he limped his way back to town, dripping blood as he went. what took a few minutes early felt like a eternity on the way back. he collapsed into the bench in the center of town. hands quivering he reaches into one of his tool pouches removing gauze he began to wrap his hands. he winced with every wrap around. he looked at the sorry state his shins were in. after a moment of pacing, he rolled up his pant legs, albeit it rather painfully he started wrapping. "I remember when i was that weak" a voice said with a snickering sound. Saito quickly looked up. Raiden stood there looking down at him. "come with my, i can teach other something and if you mess up i'm gonna use the technique on you". Through days of grueling training and beatings, saito finnally mastered the techniques offered by his mentor raiden. since then he hasn't heard from raiden, he seeks his missing mentor out.
==========================Crisis of the heart and soul==============================
He finally found out that his mentor had died protecting some one. since then hes been hearing a voice... a voice that he heard when he was a child at the orphanage. slowly it chips away at him, each and every failure errodes his mental state. the original loneliness, has subsided. who knows where it will take him. the voice loki, has seeded and taken its roots. This forced saito to train to all extremes, even as the chuunin exams get closer and closer.
==========================Whats going on?=====================================
During the chuunin exams, a power with in saito has emerged. little unbeknownst to him self. he is a yotsuki, even after the events and promotion of the chuunin exams. he still doesn't realize this. (To be continued)

Academy Jutsu




======================Special traits=================================
:: Thunder Tiger Style Bonuses ::
Description : Thunder
Tiger Style takes many years to master the inner body control and
capabilities to utilize their surging chakra whilst in gates to utilize
that overflowing chakra to break or resist genjutsu through their sheer
inner body control whilst forming their ferocious strikes to become more
fluid and transend the natural abilities of any Taijutsuist.

: Gains 1 Extra Basic Taijutsu Attack . This Style can be Taught but
must have Lightning Affinity. Roll Constitution to Resist/Break Genjutsu
as a Free Action.
Genin : +20 HP
Chuunin : +30 HP
Jounin : +40 HP
: Tiger Form was Lost when the Founders were Killed. I will permitt
someone to develope it if I find a Disciple for this style.

(Create 2x D-rank/ 3x C-rank/ 4x B-rank/ 2x A-rank/ 1x S-rank for Free - Will Submit at Later time)

:: Guardian of Kumogakure ::

Description : Raiden
having travelled back to the land where he was once born in he had
found a bundle of untouched goods his family has savored in a metallic
bin. Reading through the papers he now knows why those ANBU had appeared
so quickly. Reading over how the Thunder Tiger Style and his family
were going to be hired as Kumogakure's personal Guardians. He'd continue
to read as he looks over the training program he'd have to join to
develope the stamina to be Kumogakure's Sword and Shield. Nodding he'd
bring these papers back to A-sama at dinner that night and ask for his
birth right to take on this very role in his fathers stead as to not
disgrace his families name.

Universal : +50 to Spot/Listen. Can have Guardian Trainees.
Genin : +10 HP
Chuunin : +20 HP
: +30 HP, Gains High security clearance of things within Kumogakure (
Knowledge of everything they are protecting including secrets that can't
be spoken)

::Advanced Raiton Training::
The Yotsuki,
being the clan in which every great Kumogakure Shinobi has ever hailed
from, is one of the most advanced training from birth. They are taught
to walk and run, far before even training, gaining muscle mass and sheer
physical abilities before they even reach the idea of any form of
Combat abilities or chakra abilities. After this they begin intense
chakra based training, to perfect their very nature of the Raiton
techniques that rush through their very bodies.

Chunin: +3 to Lightning Jutsu Rolls, +1d6 to Lightning Jutsu Damage, Lightning Jutsu has a 18-20 Crit Range

::Raiton Armor::
5 CP to Activate, 2 CP to Maintain
Clan is able to wrap their natural Raiton Abilities around their very
form, this raiton armor drastically increase their speed to insane
levels of power and Teleportational speed, on top of insane destructive
Taijutsu and Ninjutsu power, making them masters of their own powers and

Chunin: Base Taijutsu Damage is Large Weapon Damage, No Penalties. Taijutsu Attacks Peirce's 2 DR Passively.

Perfected Raiton Armor
(100 Tokens, Legendary Bloodline)
Yotsuki has gained the perfected form of their Raiton armor, taking it a
step further so their very armor is like a suit of pure Raiton energy,
allowing them to simply shrug off incoming Riaton based attacks as if
they didn't even exist, on top of the ability to not only move at far
greater speeds, but also Combat others with such devastating force that
to even take one hit from the Yotsuki is to ask for a devastating and
light threatening blow.

Chunin: +1 Attack/Defense Rolls, Immune to E-B Rank Lightning Jutsu (8 DR vs A-S Rank), +1d6 Taijutsu Damage

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Posts : 13
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PostSubject: Updated   Takahashi Saito Icon_minitimeWed Nov 07, 2012 1:48 am

Updated 11/7/2012
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Posts : 13
Join date : 2012-11-05
Age : 31
Location : Hidden in Plain sight

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PostSubject: Recipt   Takahashi Saito Icon_minitimeThu Nov 08, 2012 5:55 pm

--------------Paid for----------------
6 points dex 120 (Genin price)}----|
6 points Int 120 (Genin price)}-----|------Paid to DM Jiraiya
7 points con 105 (Genin price)}----| ^
8 points Wis 120 (Genin price)}----| |
2 points from int (genin price) Refunded (dm zabuza) 11/17/2012
Thunder tiger style, and Guardian of kumogakure ----200 Dm Zabuza
Yotsuki (full clan traits) 300 Dm Zabuza 11/17/2012
Darkness element 25 tokens DM Asuma 11/18/2012
2 points to DEX 40 tokens as well as 4 points to cha 40 totaling 80 chuunin price DM Zabuza 11/19/2012

Abilities/Bloodlines/Clans Maximums: 500/700 Tokens
Items/Weapons/Tools: 0/500 Tokens
====================Token level===================
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PostSubject: Re: Takahashi Saito   Takahashi Saito Icon_minitime

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Takahashi Saito

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